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Our team experienced in designing – renovating apartment, town house, villas, offices, showroom, hotels. Our team can be described in 4 words: PROFESSIONAL – AESTHETICS – DELICATE - METUCULOUS

PROFESSIONAL - Experienced architects and construction team, well-trained, highly specialized, install the work in accordance with the approved design, be accepted and put into use in accordance with regulations of law.


Construction staff posted and reinstalled the kitchen area

AESTHETICS - With high aesthetics, in addition to interior design and home renovation for customers, the staff will enthusiastically analyze for customers to better understand their needs. Not only the aesthetics but the quality of the product are also placed on top criteria by Gil Design.


Staff repaired the outside door of the house

DELICATE - Construction team enthusiastically instructs how to install and arrange necessary items for the house. Ensuring the construction area is always clean, creating the most comfortable feeling for customers even when the project is still underway.


Staff repair the garden for the house

METUCULOUS -  Meticulous construction to detail. From the implementation of drawings to the direct construction of the details in the house, the construction team is always meticulously measured and calculated, each stage has its own processing unit, which will ensure customer satisfaction row.


Construction staff is repainting the wall

Architects are trained and have clear qualifications to ensure a living space that both suits their personality and modern design trends to help customers love their home more and more.

Some pictures of the construction team Gil Design:









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